The origins of the Jaded Review are humble. We were partially inspired by the unassuming explanations in Kurt Vonneguts Breakfast of Champions which explains everything as if you were an alien landing on this planet and aren't familiar with everyday words such as "asshole"; we thought 'what must it be like for people who aren't familiar with hippie culture if they were to walk right into the middle of it? Perhaps we should make a guide to help people understand what it all means.; So we started with defining all the specialized hippie speak with the guide to euphemistic terminology. (keep in mind my use of the term we doesn't indicate an annoying proclivity towards referring to myself in the third person - I'm just trying to include a group of friends who have helped out but don't really want the limelight)

I recall intending to print a couple hundred of the first issue but it ending up being so slopped together and last minute that, mostly out of embarrassment, I only printed 20 or so before heading out to Emerg'N'See a couple years back. I recall being afraid of really insulting all my hippie friends who we based most of the euphemistic terminology off of, but to my surprise it was well received - In no small part aided by the fact that most of my friends were experiencing the distinctive symptoms of Early onset Jadedness with an acute case of Galactose Intolerance.

Had I not seen reprints by the hundreds of those embarrassing little zines floating around I may have just filed that away as a fun prank, but the idea got into my head to really take the idea larger and start blatantly stereotyping the people who use these euphemistic words and from that the second issue "Guide to Hippie Watching" was born. I decided to cap the zine at 24 pages (even though I had a much longer list of archetypes) to see if it was worth the amount of time and revisions I was putting into it. It turns out that it was! What was intended to just be a gag for friends and family started spreading around the nation becoming a bit of a cult classic. Due to overwhelming reception I decided to continue the Jaded Review as an occasional publication and get a little more serious about it - like... you know... running spell check and trying to occasionally compose grammatically correct sentences.

2010 should see the release of two zines; The 2012 survival guide and the Hippie Watching Guide pt II - "the raiders of the lost archetypes" and if all goes well - possibly a guide to electronic music. Please sign up on our mailing list if you want to be notified and don't forget to join our facebook and twitter on the bottom bar!

Oh and in case you are wondering I am a jaded raver from the mid 90's - which more or less squarely places me in the hater group.

happy watching,
kris northern
SR Wildlife Coordinator
the jaded review