the 6w's: Who What Where When Why and WTF?

Who? Aside from the many many community contributed jokes and stories. The Jaded Review is mostly written, illustrated, laid out, pimped, and managed by Kris Northern. Want to know more? See His: Photos, Facebook, Magpie Modular

What? This is a independent underground self-published and distributed 'zine' done much in the same style of underground publications that have inspired me over the years including Reaktor (Chicago mid 90's), FreeArt (Chicago Mid 90's), Massive (Milwaukee Mid 90s), SubPop (Seattle Late 80's Early 90s) and of course RE:search, Rough Trade, Zap Comix,

Where? Mostly in the fields of North America, but also online at our Facebook group, Instagram

When: The first 2 page issue was released into the wild in 2006 as a joke amongst for my close friends. I mean it still is, but I just have more friends now.

Why? Surely, Im not the only person who thinks about grabbing a needle when you see a large bubble float by.

WTF? Hey, fuck you, too!